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Prospects for District Cooling formularzEN

Dear Sirs,

according to Andrzej Rubczyński, Director of Heat Engineering Strategy from the Forum Energia: "Up to 2 GW of additional electricity can be provided to the National Power System (KSE) with existing heat and power plants during the summer peak demand periods. It is four times more than the power of the new Turów power plant being built. Such potential lies in the production of district cooling, heat energy accumulation, work in the "condensation" mode (without producing heat) and cogeneration. Reaching for these resources will improve the security of the energy system and reduce emissions to the environment.

Due to the climate, Poland is one of the European leaders in the development of heating networks. About 40% of the population of our country uses system heat. The heat generating blocks are closed in the summer. At that time, they could be used to produce district cooling, for which the demand in the services and food processing sector is estimated at 20 PJ. "

Should district cooling in Poland be researched and investigated? There are many arguments that speak for it.

We will discuss the barriers, the most important challenges and the potential of district cooling June 12, 2019 in Chorzów during the "Prospects for District Cooling" Seminar. During the event, we will show experiences from existing foreign implementations as well as present the opinions of Polish experts.

The agenda includes:

  • Regulatory, economic and environmental aspects
  • Potential and types of technology
  • System efficiency
  • Synergy of cooling systems and heating systems
  • Examples of existing implementations
  • Financing of investments

The event is suitable for:
  • heating and combined heat and power plants
  • administrators of district heating networks
  • producers and suppliers of technological solutions
  • designers and contractors of projects
  • engineering companies and research units
  • representatives of industry organizations and administration